Here's some stuff you will do

Make money.
That's right, we actually pay our interns. Of course, pretty much everyone you're working with will make a lot more than your servant intern-level wages, but it's all good.

Learn stuff.
You'll be working with the best web design and development team in the business. You'll be working on live projects. You'll learn a ton.

Get credentials.
An internship at Element Fusion looks amazingly good on a resume.

Get a t-shirt.
Quite possibly the most important benefit, every EF intern gets his or her choice of T-shirt from the growing EF inventory.

Have fun.
Things get pretty zany when you work in a cartoon building. Our company balloon-making clown will have you giggling with delight all day long.

You won't have to make coffee

Well, unless you choose to drink coffee in which case you can make and drink all the free Starbucks coffee you want but the point is you won't have to make it for everyone else because you'll be too busy doing stuff that's awesome.